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Be Part of Humankind First


Sunday, August 6, 2023

11am PST / 1pm CST / 2pm EST


The great spiritual traditions of humankind remind us that we are all a part of the same Divine Reality and are one at the heart. Our hearts have a deep heart-intuition of this, even if we haven’t seen it lived out in the world around us. What would happen if we tried to live our lives guided by this truth?

Heart and Feeling

Join us for an interactive consideration in the realm of heart and feeling as we explore what it is to live in this state of Prior Unity. We will move beyond mere talk and intellectual discussion and experiment with practical ways to feel this state of oneness.

The World's Spiritual Traditions

We will consider what it means to feel part of "humankind first" and how this relates to our sense of identity, our thoughts and feelings, and cooperative relationships. Music, art, and sacred texts from the world’s spiritual traditions will provide a foundation for our work.

Your Personal Story

We will break out into small groups to ensure everyone has a chance to share their personal stories and participate in this sacred occasion. The vision of the Parliament is of a just, peaceful, and sustainable world where "the Earth and all life are cherished, protected, healed, and restored."

Adi Da: Not-Two Is Peace

"As a human being, recognizing the prior unity of the world, you must have concern for Earth itself, and all the species within it, and all life within it, all structures and forms and processes that are part of the world, including all the non-humans."

The World-Friend, Adi Da

Our exploration of Prior Unity will be guided by the wisdom of the World-Friend, Adi Da (1939-2008). Adi Da is an extraordinary presence and a unique intervention in human history. During his lifetime, Adi Da created a truly immense legacy—including unparalleled spiritual, philosophical, and practical wisdom, powerful works of literature and visual art, and invaluable guidance on how to bring peace to the world. He intended that these gifts serve the transformation of human culture and establish global civilization on an entirely new basis—founded in prior unity.

Avatar Adi Da’s communications are profoundly relevant to people of all cultures, faiths, and traditions, and to the future of humanity and the world altogether.


Throughout His life, Adi Da Samraj called for cooperation, tolerance, and peace among all people, for the sake of our fragile planet and the many creatures living on it. He did this not as a political figure, but in His role as “World-Friend,” out of His compassionate blessing-response to humanity and all Earthkind. In that spirit, increasingly, Adi Da maintained steadfast attention on the state of the world, and frequently concentrated in intensive vigils of blessing during times of global crisis. He established His primary hermitage in Fiji, on the meridian of the International Dateline, as a sign that His wisdom addresses both East and West, going beyond ego-made boundaries to embrace all of humanity as “literally one family”.

"If humankind is going to make it to the other end of this century, it will only be by recourse to great Wisdom-Action. And only together, as Earth-World all together--as one, not two. Profounder Wisdom is not available anywhere—nor more radical action. Drink from this source--deeply, from its infinite depth."


– Rolf C. Carriere, Former United Nations Official 

  Senior Advisor to Nonviolent Peaceforce 

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